Easyglide After Intimacy Wipes x25


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A green packet of Easyglide After Intimacy Wipes x25 with white plastic dispensing lid. The packet contains 25 wipes and features an image of aloe vera. The label mentions tea tree, aloe vera, and vitamin E.
This item: Easyglide After Intimacy Wipes x25
A green package of Easyglide Toy Cleaning Wipes x100 labeled "with a sweet scent." The front shows a white flip-top lid and indicates there are 100 wipes inside. The package design includes a small graphic of a water splash.
lubido water-based intimate lubricant 250ml
loving joy toy cleaner bottle
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Easyglide After Intimacy Wipes x25

Say goodbye to those awkward post-sex clean-up trips to the bathroom, and hello to the Easyglide After Intimacy Wipes! 🧻💦 These wipes are here to save the day and keep the mood going strong.

Picture this: you’re wrapped in your lover’s arms, basking in the afterglow, and instead of interrupting the moment with a dash to the bathroom, simply reach for these heavenly wipes. Designed for quick and effective clean-up, they offer instant refreshment after a steamy session of intimate fun.

These wipes are your secret weapon for a refreshed feeling after sex. With just a swipe, you can clean yourself up and get back to snuggling within seconds. But remember, as convenient as they are, please don’t flush the wipes down the toilet. Let’s keep those pipes free and clear!

Formulated with gentle and nourishing ingredients, these wipes are suitable for intimate areas and all skin types. They’re like a spa treatment for your sensitive regions. Plus, they include tea tree oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E – a magical trio known for their naturally antibacterial properties. It’s like giving your skin a little love while keeping it clean and refreshed.

In a pack of 25, these wipes can see you through a few play sessions, whether you’re enjoying them with a partner or flying solo. Ideal for those in shared accommodation or without an ensuite, these wipes are a game-changer that cuts unnecessary trips to the bathroom out of your sexual routine. Embrace the afterglow of your enjoyment!

So, are you ready to add the Easyglide After Intimacy Wipes to your pleasure toolkit? It’s time to stay in the moment, enjoy the intimate connection, and have a clean and refreshing experience. Get ready to embrace convenience and pleasure like never before!


  • After sex wipes for your body
  • Soothing and naturally antibacterial, includes Tea-Tree Oil, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E making them gentle on the skin
  • Travel-friendly, resealable pack keeps wipes moist once opened

Measuring Up

Quantity: 25 Wipes


Ingredients: Aqua, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, calcium gluconate, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, chamomilla recutita extract, caprylic/capric triglyceride, coco glucoside tocopherol, glycerin, dehydroacetic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, melaleuca alternifolia (tea-tree) oil, cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass) oil

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