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Britney Realistic Sex Doll


Please note this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer or us and is no longer available, please find similar alternatives below.

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Britney Realistic Sex Doll

Have some fun with this sexy seductress, the Britney Realistic Sex Doll is all about pleasure!  A master of pleasure, let her show you her skills in the bedroom. A sturdy metal skeleton and flexible joints mean you can enjoy Britney in any position you want, combined with a realistic touch TPE skin you won’t know shes a doll.

Britney is raring to learn how to please you, teach her what you like and how you like it. She is a quick learner and a good student.

Discover highly textured penetration canals that envelop your penis with utter pleasure, mouth, vagina and anus. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Use the included cleaning set to give her a rinse once you finish your after-hours teaching session. After drying, dust her with renewer powder to preserve the realistic feel of her skin.

(Doll does not come with clothing and jewellery in pictures)


  • Incredibly lifelike luxury sex doll for uninhibited sex
  • Teach Britney what you like as she aims for an A+ in pleasure
  • TPE skin feels just like real skin
  • Enjoy any position with ease – even standing thanks to the screws in her feet
  • Features tight mouth, vagina, and anus openings for a full spectrum of penetration play
  • Doll comes with; 3 different eye colours, 2 different wigs, a blanket, 2 pieces of lingerie, gloves, heating stick, cleaning set, vibrator egg & comb

Measuring Up

Height: 158cm (+3cm) / 5.18ft

Breast: 75cm (B Cup)

Waist: 55cm

Hip: 78cm

Feet: 18cm

Arm Length: 68cm

Leg Length: 88cm

Oral Depth: 4.72″ (120mm)

Vaginal Depth: 6.69″ (170mm)

Anal Depth: 6.69″ (170mm)

Weight: 30kg (66.14 lbs)

How It Feels

Material: TPE & Metal Skeleton

Flexibility: Flexible


Skin Colour: Tan

Eye Colour: Blue, Brown or Green (Changeable and included)

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Allergens: Latex-Free

  • Our realistic sex dolls can stand although it is not recommended that they do so for prolonged periods.
  • Do not submerge your doll in water.
  • We have found that any light blemishes or marks to the outer TPE skin can be cleaned using makeup cleansing oil. Apply it to the area, rub it into the TPE and allow it to dry. Then, apply a dusting of Renewing Powder to restore the skin’s softness.
  • After cleaning, please make sure that the doll and all openings are thoroughly dried with an absorbent, white paper towel or cloth.
  • Dark colours may transfer onto the TPE skin. Therefore, we do not recommend dressing the doll in medium or dark colours. Please ensure that clothing items are colourfast and washed several times before use.
  • As TPE contains oil, please take care to avoid oil marks being transferred onto other items.
  • If using the warming stick supplied, please ensure it is not left in the doll for too long as this can damage the TPE.

Please note this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer or us and is no longer available, please find similar alternatives below.

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