Bon4L Male Chastity Device


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The Bon4L is a serious silicone chastity device for men and their partners, who are serious about sexual denial. The Bon4L comes with a slightly larger flexible silicone cock cage. In this package you get a regular size Bon 4 silicone male chastity toy. The Bon4L penis cage comes with 5 numbered plastic locks and a brass padlock. The plastic locks will not set off metal detectors at airports etc. The individual serial numbers on the plastic lock help to ensure that the wearer does not cut off the lock without the key-holder knowing. This will help prevent a comfortable erection, sex or masturbation, leaving the key-holder completely in charge. The Bon4L set comes with 4 Rings – Internal Diameter of rings: 40mm, 44mm, 48mm and 52mm, 1 high quality brass padlock, 5 individually numbered plastic locks (single use), 2 nylon locking pins, 2 strong flexi plastic locking straps and 1 black draw-string bag with 2 high quality brass locks that have 2 keys each, 4 different size back rings, helping to make sure every guy can fit through, no matter what size the wearer is. It is possible to wear this device 24/7 under the clothes. There are 3 holes for comfortable urination and for cleaning while wearing. The penis can easily be cleaned while wearing this toy using a cotton swab, soap, and water. Medical grade silicone is skin and body safe, hypoallergenic and odorless. It is flexible, firm and completely waterproof and safe to wear in the bath, shower or pool.

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Old Model



Premium grade silicone

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Overall length 4.25" (110mm) Internal length 3.25" (88mm) by 1.4" (35mm) weight approx. 75g


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