Bodywand Massager The Original Mains Plug-In Vibrating Wand


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Bodywand Massager The Original Mains Plug-In Vibrating Wand

The Bodywand Original Massager really does tick all the boxes; it is quiet, powerful, and has a vast speed range that you can precisely control the level of treatment and intensity you receive. delivering incredible power, the Bodywand Massager The Original Mains Plug-In Vibrating Wand has a deceivingly elegant design.

Mains powered massager, very powerful, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are looking for the ultimate in extreme power then this is it. With a multi-speed easy to use scroll wheel you can go from a gentle, tickling vibe to an incredible and powerful vibration with just a roll of the finger. The long anti-slip handle and the flexible head allow perfect positioning that is sure you mind-blowing orgasms.

This is the massager that you see in most of the female ejaculation films.


  • Powerful body massager, ideal for trigger point massage and myofascial release
  • Ideal for targeted areas, or all over therapeutic massage
  • Mains operated so it is powerful and blissfully quiet
  • Flexible neck for adding pressure to certain trigger points and muscle groups
  • Precise speed control for variable sensations and a comfortable setting for you
  • Splash-proof and designed with subdued sound levels
  • Engineered for strong and continuous stimulation
  • Simple one-finger control

Measuring Up

Length: 13” (330mm)

Diameter: 2.4″ (61mm)

Circumference: 7.5″


Power Type: Mains Powered

How It Feels

Material: Silicone, ABS with Plastic Head

Flexibility: Firm with a Flexible Head

Vibration: Multi Speeds


Colour: Blue & White, Black

Waterproof: No (Splashproof)

Allergens: Phthalate Free

Allergens: Latex Free

Help & Guides

Beginners Guide To Vibrators


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Pros: Everything
Cons: Little loud, but then it causes us to be loud also
Don't hesitate to buy, but not the quietest!

Firstly... This was bought at the promotional price of £25 or £30 when you spend £100 or more.
But either way... I think this would be worth the full price in any event!

Thanks to this, we've actually bought the 'forced orgasm belt' too! These 2 are the perfect combination.

We use this as a couples toy as well as individually for both Male & Female, not just on the Clit but also on other zones on the lower settings which are not as powerful and are more sensual. Shock waves can be felt rushing through your body in muscles that we didn't know existed until we discovered this wand!

Yes. It's a little on the loud side but her groans mask the sound. It will certainly help anyone who can't reach the 'O' achieve it!

It's powerful, durable and boy does it pack a punch! It's got a really long cable which is perfect for someone who doesn't necessarily have a plug near the bed and doesn't need an extension cable!

Pros: The strength, how easy it is to change the strength, that it will never run out of battery
Cons: None
The most intense vibrator I've ever used

This vibrator is really something else. I used this in conjunction with the forced orgasm belt and my god. It had me bucking at the knees. Some other reviews have said it was too loud; if I was worried about noise, the light buzzing sound would be the least of my worries.
I used to think that the forced orgasm noises made in porn were all acting, until I tried this wand.
I got this on the spend £100 get it for £30ish deal, but can honestly say that I would pay £200 for orgasms that strong.
This is 10/10 and my only regret is not buying one earlier in my life. If you're on the fence, buy it.

Pros: Clit stim, easy to manage, long cord, adjustable vibration level.
Cons: A little noisy.

This is by far the best toy I've ever owned! On full it's really powerful but you can adjust the vibration level to suit. I am guaranteed to reach orgasm every time and this is my go to toy whether I want a long sensual play or a quick get away! Hits the spot every time! The cord is really long which means you don't have to be right by a plug socket. It's easy to hold and when the big O creeps in and the shakes start it adds even more to the pleasure.

I will say it is a little noisy which is the only reason I knocked one star off.

Pros: Long cord, powerful, great deal available
Cons: A tad noisy
Packs some power

Iv had 3 of these now, not because they have broken but because you can get this for just 30 if you spend over 100 and iv given 2 away as gifts and managed to put a smile on 2 other people's faces

Packs some power and you won't have an issue reaching the big O with this on your side, it is quite noisy but it's powerful enough that you can drown out the noise yourself. Easy to clean and has a wonderfully long cord aswell so it will reach far. Definitely would recommend having one in your collection, can be used on both men and women as a couple or solo use.

Pros: really powerful and intense
Cons: a bit on the loud side and not very durable for the price

ive had 2 of these wands, they are very powerful and hit the spot, although they are pretty loud and ive broken both of with being a liitle over exuberant with them lol, i still use 1 of them sometimes but its really loud when i do, overall a good product but a bit pricey and not very durable unfortunately

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