Anal Ese Anal Relaxant 50ml


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Anal Ese Anal Relaxant 50ml

Anal Ese Anal Relaxant is formulated to relax and ease for anal enjoyment. It contains a mild anaesthetic that enhances comfort during penetration.

Simply apply a small amount of anal ese to rectal area and massage prior to penetration. Wait a few minutes for desensitisation before attempting penetration.

We personally love a little anal sex and using Anal Ese Anal relaxant only heightens the pleasure, you’ll never want to have sex any other way 😉


  • Fast-acting anal relaxant
  • User-friendly pump spray for easy application
  • Without any loss of sensation, reduces the painful sensitivity

Measuring Up

Volume: 50ml


Bottle Type: Pump

Anal Relax Features: Desensitising

Anal Relax Features: Fast-acting

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