Aluminium Inhaler For Room Odourisers


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Aluminium Inhaler For Room Odourisers

Use your room odourisers/aromas anytime and anywhere with the discreet aluminium inhaler! Small and portable for quick and easy inhaling.

With this inhaler, you always have your favourite popper at your disposal. When you want to use the inhaler, simply remove the lid and inhale the aroma through the openings.

The ideal accessory to take your favourite liquid anywhere discreetly yet elegantly. With a very refined design, nobody will know what’s inside this inhaler. Only those knowledgeable… and experienced.

Attention: Before placing the liquid inside the inhaler, it is important to put some cotton or any other absorbent material. Only then should you put your favourite liquid in the inhaler. Otherwise, the liquid in your bottle will spill when it is not upright.

Here is a step by step where you can see how easy it is to use it:

  1. First remove the outdoor cap from the inhaler
  2. Then unscrew the inside until you have access to the area where you can store the liquid
  3. Soak some cotton or other absorbent material in your favourite bottle and put it inside the inhaler
  4. Close it securely and attach the outer cover
  5. To use it just remove the cover and take the inhaler to your nose just as you would do a bottle
  6. To change the liquid or refill it just replace the cotton ball with a new one


  • Take your favourite liquid anywhere discreetly
  • Your room odouriser bottles will last longer
  • Easy-to-use inhaler
  • Reusable so you can refill and change up your aromas
  • Made from Aluminium

Measuring Up

Length: 2.4″ (60mm)

Diameter: 0.6″ (15mm)

How It Feels

Material: Aluminium & Glass

Flexibility: Rigid


Colour: Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple or Grey

Waterproof: Yes

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