Suction Cup Dildos

Fancy a night of delectable, hands-free penetration, where you can indulge in every sensation?

Suction cup dildos are designed to stick and stay put, while you ride away to your heart’s content. Ideal for sex and masturbation, suction dildos can be used to recreate your favourite sex positions – all you need is a smooth, flat surface, and the rest is up to you. Secure your suction cup dildo to different surfaces, and experiment with positions, heights, and partners. Your request is our perverted demand!

For incredible solo play, attach a wall-mounted dildo to your wall or door, then bend over and back up. You’ll love the sensations your mounting dildo gives you, as you pound away until you explode.

With our huge range of different styles, designs, and functions, these are the best suction cup dildos in town!

Suction Cup Dildos

What is a suction cup dildo?

A suction cup dildo, like harness dildos, are hands-free dildos that is designed to stick and stay put so you can ride it to your heart’s content.

Suction cup dildos are designed to look and feel like a real cock. They allow hands-free penetration and come in a massive range of styles, colours, and sizes, and are amazingly versatile. 

They’re made from a variety of different materials, from realistic silicone and jelly to cool and hard body-safe TPE. Suction dildos also satisfy every kink. You can choose larger-than-life styles that will fill every inch of you, dildos that vibrate and squirt inside you, and even fantasy dildos so you can pretend to be having out-of-this-world sex with an alien.


How to use suction cup dildos

We love suction base dildos because they are awesome for solo play and for horny fun with a partner. They are incredibly easy to use, come in a huge variety of styles and sizes, and put you firmly in charge. 

As much as we love vibrators and dildos, a suction cup dildo allows you to indulge in hands-free pleasure, leaving your hands available for other fun. They can be used pretty much anywhere that has a smooth surface, allowing you to get really creative, so you can thrust and rock as slow or fast as you like as your hands are free to play with your clit, cock, nipples, and anything else to help you reach the orgasm of your life. 


Suction dildos FAQ

Where can I stick my suction dildos?

A strong suction cup dildo is designed to stick and stay put until you’re done. The only thing you need is a smooth, clear surface for your dildo to stick on. Of course, choosing the best place is part of the fun. You want to make sure that it’s somewhere you can ride comfortably (and safely), with plenty of room. Some of our favourite places for suction base dildos include the shower wall, your desk (a home desk is probably better than in your office!), your kitchen worktop or breakfast bar, a toilet seat, a smooth chair, and even a mirror - you might get off even more as you watch yourself thrust away! 


Are suction cup dildos realistic?

They can be as realistic or as fantastic as you want. One of the best things about suction dildos is the variety available. You can start your hands-free dildo journey gently and choose a soft, 7-inch style, and work your way up to a thick and girthy big boy that’s guaranteed to stretch you out and stroke every inch of you.

If you want something extra realistic, there are squirting dildos to add to the fun, not to mention models with veins, balls, and heads to add to the pleasure. Of course, if realistic isn’t your thing and you’re in the mood for something a little different, we’ve got you. From monster and alien dicks to huge tongues and horse cocks, your kink is covered.