Small Dildos & Probers

Who said bigger is always better? When it cums to penetrating pleasure, sometimes it’s the smaller packages that really deliver. 

Our selection of small dildos are little but mighty and are incredible for vaginal and anal play. If you’re keen to start your sex toy journey but are a little apprehensive about where to start, then our probers are the perfect way to introduce you to your new favourite pervy habit. Each one is slighter in girth than standard dildos and made from the finest materials to give you the best experience. Use your small dildo or anal probers alone or with a partner, as you explore the glorious new sensations. 

Another benefit of these dildos is they’re small and discreet enough to be taken with you everywhere. You never know when the urge might hit, so pop your new playmate in your bag and reach for it whenever that tingle takes over. Just make sure you shut the door before getting started.