Heavy Duty Leather Suspension Cuffs


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A pair of the highest quality black leather suspension cuffs, padded foam backed for comfort with hand bars and double buckle fastening for added restraint. Also includes 2 trigger clips and chain, ready for suspension. Cuff your partner and leave them suspended for as long as your devilish side desires Just remember they are a person too and ..OH hang on a minute, let me get into character..”you’re not a person, you’re a DOG..what are you..” YES that’s more like it 😉

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1 review for Heavy Duty Leather Suspension Cuffs

  1. SubnSir
    Sensation Saver!
    We were so excited when we saw these (downstairs in the shop - yes, we go downstairs!) as we absolutely love restriction and suspension and have chains securely fastened to the ceiling. But the cuffs we were using, whilst comfy, weren't right for longer sessions. These cuffs are perfect for long sessions massively reducing numb fingers and potential nerve damage. They also gave Sub something to pull down on during those "special moments"! They wrap around the wrist securely and are made of chunky leather that has a handle bolted in. This means that the weight of Sub's arms were spread across a comfortable area and giving her something to hold onto. Sub: The first time he fitted these to me, they felt so safe and yet scary in the sense that there feels like no way out (this, is a good thing!). We used them for over an hour, and didn't leave my hands feeling cold, purple and didn't leave any marks to explain in work the next day. I pulled and tugged on these with all my might, and at those knee-buckling moments, I could just forget about them and get on with focussing on having my mind blown! Sir: I definitely recommend these for anyone who likes restriction. in fact I'd argue that you should buy these before buying cheaper regular cuffs. It's ALWAYS worth spending the extra to get toys that last and perform well, this product is no exception. Well made and kinky as hell!
    Solid construction, Thick leather, Safe, Comfortable
    Take a bit longer to put on, Reduces the Subs ability to let her self out (we use quick release connections to combat this)